Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems-HCAHPS

The number one focus in the healthcare industry is patient recovery and satisfaction. Hospitals depend on the data that is collected from the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System (HCAHPS) surveys in order to maintain a positive reputation. Satisfied patients will remain loyal and most importantly result in positive HCAHPS scores.

Washington Towels' products continually receive positive client feedback within the healthcare field. This has allowed hospitals to create improved patient experiences during hospital stays, while continuously giving a positive impact to HCAHPS scores in categories such as, hospital environment, hospital recommendations, and the overall hospital rating. This product creates a personal touch of luxury during hospital stays which most facilities just do not provide. We believe Washington Towels is at the forefront of a new era for hospital and look forward to see their product in many locations around the nation changing the patient experience forever.




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