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A First Class Experience

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The Benefits of Washington Towels


Washington Towels are versatile in their uses. Be it, for cleaning up after a dinner at a restaurant, a quick refresh at an outdoor event or even as a way to welcome your guests, you can be assured that a Washington Towel will never disappoint.
Our towels can be heated up or chilled depending on your needs. Provide your guests with a blast of coolness or a soothing hot one!

Guests Know You Care

While Washington Towels may seem just like a simple hand towel at first glance, there is no doubt that they will appreciate the gesture and experience. The simple act of offering a refreshing pre-moistened towel may make your company their preferred choice in the future.
Washington Towels is an elegant way to rejuvenate and refresh for any event and will always leave your guests smiling and a lasting impression. Never underestimate the power of a simple pleasure!

Personalized Packaging

Get all of the benefits of Washington Towels while promoting your own brand. With personalized packaging, you will provide a consistent brand experience to your guests. Hear them rave about your company’s towels!


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